Yeganeh Inc. Transforms a Newport Beach Bathroom into a Serene Oasis

We are thrilled to present our latest bathroom renovation project in Newport Beach, California. Our team at Yeganeh Inc. worked tirelessly to create a space that seamlessly combines luxury and relaxation. This project truly exemplifies our commitment to excellence in real estate work and design

Eric Erfan Yeganeh


Yeganeh Inc. was entrusted with the task of renovating a dated and lackluster bathroom for a discerning couple residing in the picturesque neighborhood of Newport Beach. The objective was to transform the space into a contemporary oasis that exudes elegance and tranquility.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal surroundings of Newport Beach, our team conceptualized a design that embraced natural elements, soothing colors, and premium materials. The goal was to create a bathroom retreat that offered a harmonious escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Key Features of the Renovation:

  1. Spa-like Shower Retreat: We removed the outdated bathtub and replaced it with a spacious, frameless glass walk-in shower. The shower features luxurious rainfall and handheld showerheads, complemented by elegant stone tiles and a built-in bench.

  2. High-End Fixtures and Finishes: To achieve a touch of sophistication, we installed high-end fixtures and fittings, including contemporary faucets, designer light fixtures, and premium hardware, elevating the bathroom's overall aesthetic.

  3. Calming Color Palette: Soft, coastal-inspired hues were used throughout the bathroom to create a calming atmosphere. A combination of light blues, sandy beige, and pearl white enhances the sense of serenity.

  4. Custom Vanity: We crafted a custom-made double vanity with ample storage space to cater to the clients' needs. The vanity's sleek design, adorned with marble countertops and chic mirrors, adds a touch of opulence to the space.

  5. Underfloor Heating: Considering the cooler climate during winter months, we incorporated underfloor heating to provide additional comfort and warmth.

One of the main challenges was optimizing the limited space available. To overcome this, we implemented space-saving storage solutions and utilized a minimalistic design approach to maintain a spacious feel.

The bathroom renovation project was completed within six weeks, adhering to the agreed-upon timeline. Yeganeh Inc. ensured every detail was meticulously executed to deliver a remarkable result that exceeded the clients' expectations

Yeganeh Inc.'s bathroom renovation project in Newport Beach exemplifies our commitment to creating bespoke, luxurious spaces that reflect the unique preferences and lifestyles of our clients. The transformed bathroom now stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence in real estate construction and design.

Project information

  • Category Residential Bathroom Renovation
  • Client Reza Jamshidi
  • Project date Sept. 20, 2022

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