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Discover the transformational power of our professional bathroom renovation services. From modern upgrades to luxurious retreats, we'll create a space that exceeds your expectations, blending functionality, style, and relaxation

  • Customized bathroom solutions reflecting your unique taste and lifestyle
  • Luxurious fixtures, tiles, and finishes for an exquisite bathroom experience
  • Optimized layout and smart storage solutions for a comfortable and efficient space

Trust our experts to deliver a remarkable bathroom renovation that enhances your home. Contact us today for a rejuvenating bathroom retreat.

Smart, Upgraded, Modern

Elevate utility. Maximize convenience. Optimize space

  • Smart storage solutions for efficient organization
  • Upgraded fixtures and fittings for improved functionality
  • Modern technology integration for convenience and ease

Stylish, Quality, Thoughtful

Transform appearance. Create a stylish oasis. Modernize design

  • Stylish and contemporary design for a fresh look
  • High-quality materials and finishes for a luxurious feel
  • Thoughtfully selected color schemes for a cohesive aesthetic

Relaxing, Upgraded, Wellness

Indulge in luxury. Create a tranquil escape. Enhance relaxation

  • Relaxing and serene atmosphere for ultimate comfort
  • Upgraded showers and bathtubs for a luxurious bathing experience
  • Wellness features like heated floors and spa-like amenities

Improved, Enhanced, Upgraded

Boost property worth. Improve market appeal. Invest in your home

  • Improved energy efficiency with eco-friendly fixtures
  • Enhanced resale potential with a modern and updated bathroom
  • Upgraded bathroom adds value to your home

Work Story

Location: Glendale, California


Sarkissian Residence Transformed

The Sarkissian family approached us with a vision to revitalize their outdated bathroom and create a contemporary space that would honor their Armenian heritage. They sought to combine modern design elements with traditional Armenian influences to transform their bathroom into a stylish and culturally rich sanctuary

We infused the bathroom with a modern flair while incorporating traditional Armenian patterns, colors, and materials to celebrate the Sarkissian family's cultural identity

Through careful space planning and the installation of efficient fixtures and storage solutions, we optimized the bathroom's functionality and storage capacity

We curated a selection of high-quality materials, fixtures, and finishes to create a visually stunning and elegant bathroom that exuded sophistication

The design seamlessly integrated Armenian-inspired elements with modern aesthetics, resulting in a cohesive and visually pleasing bathroom space


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Patrick Sarkissian

Business Lawyer

Yeganeh Inc beautifully combined modern design with Armenian heritage, creating a stunning bathroom sanctuary for our family. Eric Yeganeh's team is talented, detail-oriented, and delivered beyond our expectations. We're thrilled with our stylish and culturally rich space

Ryan Coker

Software Engineer

Yeganeh Inc has been instrumental in my kitchen's complete renovation, providing exceptional services. Their punctuality and commitment to delivering the highest quality distinguish them among construction companies. Their work is truly remarkable! 👍

Ahmad Sargazi


Yeganeh Inc's flooring transformation services were phenomenal! Their team's expertise and attention to detail surpassed all expectations. I am highly impressed with the outstanding results

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